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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

halt polizei!

my day began at a German police station....

Ok, so I left you hanging out there a while. Ups the suspense.

I am officially a "Schwartzfahrer" in the eyes of the German Police and about $50 lighter in the wallet because of it. A "Black Rider" as they say in German, is someone who rides the subway without a ticket, and most importantly, gets caught.

To make a short story long, I was born on the 20th of April in a little town in Maine ca.... ok ok. I actually wish I could say "yes", I was busted for riding without a ticket but actually I have a monthly ticket - it just needs to be renewed every month. This day happened to be the 2nd of August, 7:30am. I was on the subway on the way to the main train station to pick up my new one - not having time the previous day after working 12 freaking hours. In the four years I have lived here, I have been checked for a ticket on the subway four times. Just never happens. I was told you could use your ticket from the current month until the 2nd of the following month. I was told wrong.

These fools work on commision. After asking for my ticket and not being satisfied with my explaination, they told me to give them my Ausweis (ID). Feeling a bit groggy not having even a sniff of a sweet coffee bean, I told them simply "no". They said it was either that or the police. I, ......... finish soon. Time to eat


Blogger david said...

ummm... i'm still waiting for the story soon to follow.

you can't put out a teaser like that and then not follow through!

5:38 PM


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