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Saturday, September 17, 2005

ein Mass bitte..

i just returned from a weeks vacation on a lake house in Barvaria, not far from Munich. It is a beautiful area down there.

Barvarians are very proud of their state. I get the feeling that they wouldn't be all that sad if they had their own little country (much like Texas).

Do you see people walking around in Lederhosen in downtown Munich? Well, yes, actually you do.

Beer is such a part of the culture. I mean really built into the culture. They have these huge beer halls from breweries such as Hofbrau, Paulaner and Loewenbrau.

You drink big beers.

You eat Weisswurst (white sausages) with saurkaut, mashed potatos and sweet mustard.

The common one liter beer is called a "Mass" (pronounced Maas) - what we as Americans think of as a "stein". Stein, incidently, has no meaning in German other than "stone". I assume we got that because the original Mass was most likely made of stone. They are now just big ass beer mugs made from glass.

After only one Mass, you smile a lot and sing.

Oktoberfest just started today. Little known fact - It accually mostly takes place in September. But Septemberfest just doesn't have the same ring now, does it.


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